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BYD won American historical largest single electric orders

On July 31st, LA Metro, one of the largest public transport operators in the city of Losangeles, announced a one-time purchase of 60 pure electric buses from BYD, worth about $44 ,960,000. This order is one of the largest single electric bus orders in the history of the United States, it will help Losangeles County achieve its 2030 goal of 100% motorized buses.

It is reported that this order including 60 sets of 12 meters of pure electric bus, will operate  throughout Silver Line in Losangeles, a total length of 61.2 kilometers, the running range from East Losangeles, Monte El City to downtown Losangeles, South to the port city of San Pedro, the average daily passenger is 15 thousand passengers. Residents are looking forward to the upcoming fleet of electric buses.

"BYD is very pleased to be able to offer products of pure electric bus for Losangeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, this order will create nearly 60 high-quality jobs in the factory in Lancaster, but also will help Losangeles County realize the goal of green environmental protection ." Li Ke, senior vice president of BYD, said excitedly.

On last Friday, BYD America branch Inc. and the local community alliance Jobs to Move America signed a milepost community welfare agreement in Losangeles (community benefits agreement), the two sides will work together to provide quality jobs for vulnerable groups and poverty in Losangeles County. BYD Lancaster bus factory committed in its 40% workers will be recruited from local unemployed. At present, the plant employs 700 workers, after the three phase to be completed in middle September, the annual capacity will be upgraded from the current 350 to 1500 units, the number of employees will double.

"LA Metro's decision to purchase pure electric bus is very environmentally conscious.". BYD has advanced clean bus technology, and local production will also provide many jobs for the local poor and vulnerable groups. The cooperation will bring the gospel to Losangeles County." Said Erika Thi Patterson, director of policy at Jobs to Move America.

Until now, BYD pure electric bus has traveled throughout nearly 30 states in the United States, including the Stanford University, University of California, Face book company and Long Beach Transport Bureau, Losangeles County Metropolitan Transportation Bureau, and so on, total more than 40 customers.