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Five advantages for oil and gas suspension, will you pay for it?

In commercial vehicle field, we have long been accustomed to the traditional spring leaf suspension, as well as the rapid rise of rubber suspension and balloon suspension in recent years. However, today, besides the traditional suspension of vehicles, the oil and gas suspension has also begun to enter the commercial vehicle field. What is the advantages of oil and gas suspension which can challenge the traditional suspension?

Oil and gas suspension was first used in the landing gear of aircraft to improve the landing stability. After 1950s, it began to be used in vehicles. China's mine heavy truck SH380, American mine heavy truck 35C, 75B and wheeled armored vehicle, tank and other military vehicles had widely adopted this technology long time ago.

Now, oil and gas suspension has begun to enter the commercial vehicle field. At 2015 Wuhan International Commercial Auto Show, oil and gas suspension actually appeared on a set of trailer. At this stage, the oil and gas suspension introduced by Hubei U-Ruan Commercial Vehicle Suspension Co., Ltd. has been continuously tested and adjusted, its weight has been greatly reduced, even lighter than the normal airbag suspension.

To occupy market, what is the potential of oil and gas suspension?

       On the trailer model shown here, the bright red hydraulic structure on the chassis is difficult for anyone not to pay attention to. There is no doubt that this is the legendary oil and gas suspension. In fact, oil and gas suspension is not as mysterious as we imagined. It uses inert gas as an elastic medium and liquid as a shock absorbing suspension system. It not only has good buffering capacity, but also has the function of damping, and also can adjust the height of the frame. It is widely used in special engineering field.

Then, what are the advantages of oil and gas suspension in the commercial vehicle field? Vendors have also made a series of recommendations.

       Safety: oil and gas suspension can shorten the braking distance, and when braking, the vehicle can form a downward pressure rapidly, and the friction between the tire and the ground increases, and the braking effect is improved. Meanwhile,it can reduce the distortion and impact of the vehicle in running, and protect the axle parts, tires, frames, boxes and goods.

       Steady:oil and gas suspension has good vibration absorption and running stability. It combines axle with frame flexibly, reduce the bounce of the cab at start, and the impact and sway of trailer at brake.Inherent frequency of oil and gas suspension is between 1.2 and 1.5HZ, and it maintains at a stable range, improves the ride comfort of vehicle.

High efficiency: oil and gas suspension for multi-axle vehicle can make load of each axle and both sides of each axle uniform distributed, and keep the pure rolling contact between the tire and the ground.It is good for maintaining running smoothly at high speed, to achieve optimal brake effect.

Economy: oil and gas suspension can maintain smooth moving in the running process due to its own characteristics, reduce failure rate of electrical components, reduce the cost of maintenance of axle, box ,cabin and chassis, and,oil and gas suspension can rapidly eliminate the impact force, ensure the vehicle form downward pressure when braking, keep pure rolling contact between tire and ground, thereby prolonging the service life of the tire and brake pads.

Better load capacity: oil and gas suspension has bigger energy storage ratio, can withstand greater load impact, dynamic load coefficient of oil and gas suspension is small (about 1.34, leaf spring suspension is 1.52),thus, oil and gas suspension can withstand greater shock at same rated load, and deal sudden impact peak value better .