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Benz new model Urban eTruck pure electric cargo vehicle makes its debut

In recent years, electric vehicles has grown faster and faster, becoming the new favorite of the automotive industry, and major manufacturers are actively developing more models. For example, Tesla had mentioned that it would develop electric cargo vehicles and electric buses, and recently there is a news that it will develop an electric pickup truck. As for the famous German car factory---Mercedes Benz may be more rapid, because its Urban eTruck electric vehicles have begun testing.


In fact, Benz had disclosed an unmanned heavy truck Future Truck 2025 in year 2014 which is somewhat similar with the Urban eTruck in terms of appearance. In addition to becoming integrity truck, more important for the Urban eTruck is the use of electric drive. According to the data, Urban eTruck is a pure electric vehicle weighing 26 tons, its carrying capacity is up to 26 tons, and, the longest travel is 200 kilometers after each full electric charging. Moreover, the running distance 200 kilometers is just based on the 3 lithium battery groups mounted on the vehicle,due to its modular design, thus,it is available to improve the endurance by installing more batteries, of course, meanwhile the charging time will increase.


Another special point for Urban eTruck is that left and right sides of cabin do not have a traditional rear view mirror. Instead, instead,two lenses are installed in the position, and then, the scene is transmitted to the left screen in the cabin in real time. Moreover, Urban eTruck is installed with a virtual monitoring system, through the inspection of cargo weight data, to calculate the expected travel time, to ensure that whether there is enough power to complete the whole process, and driver can choose auto, eco and agile three driving modes.