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China Truck Race Kick Off

19 top truck racers from home and abroad assembled at the Beijing Golden port Circuit in 11th,June. launched the Linglong tire 2017 China Truck Race(CTR) opening competition, and each of the awards was owned by their owners.

The Golden port circuit is known for its curves and difficulty, and it has been a challenge for the RV, not to mention truck which is much larger and more powerful than caravan. The key to winning the final is cornering technology.

Chinese truck race (CTR) is the cooperation of the State Sports General Administration of China automobile  Motorcycle Sports Federation and the European Truck Racing organization which hold in China,the world high level truck race,also the Chinese unique  truck race included in the annual national sports competitions program.It has upgraded from a single brand to multi brands since 2015, from local competition to international competition.China truck tournament organized by the Federation of Chinese automobile and motorcycle sports, supported by the Automobile Federation of Russia, Brazil, India, South Korea and other 10 countries, cooperated with European technology team , using European mature truck competition form and rules.The introduction of Europe's top riders’ participation creates a high level of international competition opportunity for China teams and drivers.